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Nancy White wants to live in a world where people will thrive and not just survive both physically and financially. In her business she 1) assists health conscious adults in creating their healthy lifestyles they can tweak as they age 2) provides resources and connections to help businesses scale and add additional income streams.

Nancy started her entrepreneurial journey 35 years ago after leaving corporate America. Since that time, she has started several businesses, some flopped, some sold, some blossomed, but learning has never stopped.

A natural gift for Nancy is connecting people, especially for business. She served as the Foundation leader for eWomen Network from 2006 - 2020, established the first Heart Link Network for women in Charlotte in 2008 and is part of other chambers and networking groups. She was once referred to as the "most connected person" in Charlotte. Her first book, The G.R.T. Journal is an Amazon Best Seller, her second book a collaboration of Entrepreneurs, Light at The End of the Funnel volume 2, is an international Amazon Best Seller and a third collaborative book coming out May 2020 - Self-Love: Practical tips for creating a life you love and opening the doors to radical love. Nancy is one of the Hosts & Executive Producers of The Network Show, launched August 2019. She has been cultivating her Healthy Cells Chick business since 2007. She is a Founding Member of YEP- young entrepreneur project.

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